Changing your MOS

The FY18 Selected Reserve Incentives Program (SRIP) policy updated the MOS Conversion Bonus (MOSCB) to allow it to be used for both voluntary and involuntary transfers to shortage MOSs.

Bonus Qualifications

1. Soldiers in any Term of enlistment may be eligible; Soldiers in their first term of enlistment must not be currently recieving an incentive (bonus, SLRP or Kicker).

2. Soldiers must be E-6 and below. Additionally, if they are E-6, then they cannot have more than 10 years in service at date of signature.

3. Soldiers must be coded 9993 in their current position.

4. Soldiers cannot be moved into the new MOS slot until the MOSCB paperwork is completed. After the MOSCB is signed and validated by the state Incentives team, then Soldiers must be immediately transferred to the new contracted position, and must be scheduled for re-class school immediately.

5. The position into which Soldiers are contracting for the MOSCB must be in an MTOE unit, or Medical TDA unit, or Special Forces unit, or Cyber unit.

6. The MOSCB is open to Soldiers of all MOSs, but the MOS into which the Soldiers are re-classing must be filled at less than 90%, statewide, at their pay grade. It is not limited to the "Top 10" MOS list in the new SRIP policy. (That list is for non-prior service applicants.) When the unit Readiness NCO or Career Counselor initiates the MOSCB process at unit level in GIMS, GIMS will only show those slots statewide that meet the MOSCB criteria.

7. Signing up for the MOSCB incurs a 3-year service obligation upon completion of the new MOS school. The bonus is $4,000, payable upon completion of the re-class MOS school.

Converting MOS without a Bonus

No DA4836 is required. You are simply signing an agreement (not a new contract (DD4), not a new contract extension (DA4836), not a new contract addendum) to server in the new MOS for 3 years after MOS school is complete. If, durring the validation process at state level, it is descovered thet you (or the slot your moving to) does not qualify, then the agreement can simply be marked as invalid, and no obligation from you is incurred.

Contact your Readiness NCO to see if you qualify and, if so, to see what slots might be available. Your Readiness NCO can use the incentives systems (GIMS) too see all available slots statewide.