1-54th Security Forces Assistance Brigade

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The Security Force Assistance Brigades were designed as the first permanent units in the U.S. Army to solely dedicate its mission to advising & assisting partner nations in developing their security force capability. The implementation of the SFAB reduces the demand for existing BCTs to conduct security force assistance operations, allowing the BCTs to focus on preparation for full-spectrum operations. Soldiers & leaders in SFABs will train, advise, assist, accompany & enable allied & partner security forces worldwide by strengthening the host government’s ability to defend itself from internal & external threats. The individuals selected for SFAB assignment will be the best within their fields.

Eligibility Criteria

- Must Volunteer & Attend Assessment & Selection

- Pass the APFT with a Minimum of 240 points (a Minimum of 70 Points in Each Event) & Army Body Composition Program

- Have a PULHES of 111221 or Better (No APFT or Deployment Limiting Profile)

- Must Hold & Maintain at Least a Secret Security Clearance

- Must Maintain Deployable Status

- Must Pass an Official Military Personnel File Check for Derogatory Information (no UCMJ to Include Article 15s or Court-Martial Proceedings, Investigations, Letters of Reprimand Within the Last 3 Years)

- Qualified in an MOS/AOC that is Authorized on the SFAB MTOE

- Demonstrated Exceptional Moral Aptitude by Up-Holding Army Values

- Demonstrated Excellence in Past Performance & be Noted for Exceptional Potential

- Once Permanently Assigned, Must Remain in Good Standing Throughout Tour

Packet Requirements

- SFAB Assignment DA Form 4187

- Current DA Form 705 with Passing APFT (per required criteria) & Army Body Composition Program

- Updated ERB/ORB

- Last 3 Years NCOERs/OERs

Positions Available


- SPC – 25B

- SGT – 13F, 25B, 25Q, 25U, 35F, 68W, 89D (12B), 91B, 92Y SSG – 11B, 25E, 25U, 35F, 68W, 74D, 89D (12B), 91B, 92Y SFC – 11B, 11C, 13F, 25U, 35F, 42A, 68W, 89D (12B), 92Y


- CPT – 11A, 13A, 25A, 35D, 42B, 65D, 90A *some substitutions can be made between 18, 19, 11 series branches & others on a case-by-case basis


- Eligible for a $5,000 Assignment Incentive Pay bonus upon the completion of Combat Advisor Training Academy

- Special Duty Assignment Pay for Enlisted Soldiers requiring Combat Advisor Training Academy (up to $75.00 per month)

- Quarterly Drills (MUTA 12)

- Training Opportunities including Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Language, Foreign Weapons, SERE, JFO, etc.

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