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Public Affairs merges the Georgia Army and Air National Guard personnel, federal and state employees, and State Defense Force volunteers to tell the story and protect and enhance the brand of the Georgia National Guard. The combined efforts of these media professionals account for thousands of annual print and broadcast-ready products which includes articles, press releases, photos, and videos. This content regularly reaches a wide audience of online followers through integrated social media channels that include DVIDS, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. For Media Inquiries: ng.ga.gaarng.list.pao-staff@army.mil 

Submit Georgia Guard related stories about the community, successes, acts of heroism, and other news-worthy events. Provide a narrative including the 5 W's (What, When, Where, Who, Why) and email to: ng.ga.gaarng.list.pao-staff@army.mil


TYPE: We’ll typically prioritize image types from on duty/official business in the following order: Operational (e.g. training, DSCA missions, and related content), events, innovation, other action-packed photo and/or video. Also, off duty images types usually include Citizen Soldier/Airman success stories or highlighting something interesting that someone within our organization has done. Do not send group photos unless they are of senior leaders, public figures, etc. 
PHOTO FILE DIMENSION:  600px to 650px, if applicable 
PHOTO ORIENTATION: Landscape/horizontal and portrait/vertical
VIDEO FILE TYPE: MP4, recommended, MOV accepted.
VIDEO FILE DIMENSION: 1280 X 720 (Landscape and Square) Landscape 16:9 aspect ratio for Portrait 9:16 
VIDEO LENGTH: Videos submitted should be no longer than 2 minutes (preferable 60 seconds).
IMPORTANCE: Mark/indicate ‘high importance’ if it was originally tasked by an O-6 or above.
TIMING: It is preferred that you send images /videos during the event or soon after. Photos quickly become unusable due to the news cycle. However, if it is an image/video that is of significance (as determined above in the TYPE description) send regardless of time.   
PLATFORM: PA will determine which social media and or media platform is appropriate for your content to be placed on. 
NARRATIVE/CAPTION APPROVAL/OPSEC: Ensure OPSEC at the source before sending to PA.  Please provide a narrative (caption) with your content. The 5 W's (What, When, Where, Who and Why). Again, ensure that the image does not violate OPSEC in any form. As a reminder, Airmen/Soldiers deploy to areas all over the world. Some locations are public, others are classified. Airmen/Soldiers should not upload geo-tagged photos. Publishing photos of classified locations can be detrimental to mission success, and in violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
APPROVED THROUGH AO or SENIOR LEADER: Always communicate through your chain of command the images you are wishing to have displayed. 
CREDIT: If you are not the original producer of the photo or video, please ensure to note the photographer who took the photo or video. Please provide the persons rank, if applicable, first name and last name.
POC FOR QUESTIONS: As the submitter, please provide your rank, if applicable, first name, last name, email and contact number.

SEND TO: 404-971-8647 or Direct Message Us on Instagram @ganationalguard or Facebook @georgiaguard

We’ll select photo and video based on messaging and prioritization for that day but we’ll acknowledge every submission. We encourage you to visit our social media pages to check for your photo or video. Reminder: videos take longer to edit than photos. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
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