Education Benefits

Education Benefits

SCL pays up to 100% of the undergraduate tuition rate, for up to semester 120 hours at any Georgia public college or university, but you can apply that money to any degree at that school (Certificate, Diploma, Associate’s, Bachelor’s, First Professional, Master’s, or Doctorate), regardless of prior degrees. (A short list of eligible private schools also participate, with funding limits.)

2 years of service in good standing with the Georgia National Guard cancels the loan; no cost to you. All Georgia Guardsmen can apply (Army/Air, M-Day/DSG, officer/enlisted, AGR/Tech).

You may have to submit a FAFSA (you do not have to use the funds) and apply Army TA (if eligible) and Chapter 33 (Post-9/11 GI Bill®) (unless you transferred it).

Must maintain good grades and turn in a Verification of Status form every year, or SCL will convert to a regular student loan.

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This basic GI Bill® pays up to $375/month directly to you, not to the school. ARNG Kicker incentive also available, adds up to an additional $200-$350/month. (Rates for full-time student.)

Can combine with SCL, but not with Army TA.

Can also be used for: certificate programs, co-op tng., tech./vocational courses, flight tng., apprenticeship/OJT, high-tech tng., license/certification tests, entrepreneurship tng., entrance exams, correspondence courses.

Requires 6-year enlistment, extension, or officer service agreement.

Upon confirmation of eligibility, the GI Bill Manager will produce a Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE) and place it in iPERMS.

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Pays up to $250/semester hour, for tuition only, towards one Bachelor’s and one Master’s degree. Max 16 hours/year. Max 130 hours toward Bachelor’s degree, 39 hours toward Master’s degree.

Can combine with SCL, but not with Chapter 1606 (MGIB-SR) of the GI Bill®.

As of 5 August 2018:
- You can use Army TA immediately after completion of initial entry training (BCT+AIT, or OSUT, or WOBC, or BOLC).
- If you used Army TA for undergraduate degree, you must complete ALC, or WOAC, or CCC to use TA for Master’s degree.

Must maintain good grades, or funds will be recouped.

Your TA request must be approved by the TA Manager before classes start. This is not a simple or one-day process. (Window opens 60 days before classes start.)

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Pays up to 100% of tuition (depending on months of qualifying active duty), plus fees and a housing stipend (unless you are part-time or already receive BAH). The payments go to both the school and the Service Member. This benefit can be combined with state funding sources. Below is a pro-rated breakdown of the benefit by month:

3 mo. of qualifying service = 50%, 6 mo. = 60%, 18 mo. = 70%, 24 mo. = 80%, 30 mo. = 90%, 36 mo. = 100%

Some of the qualifying missions include: 12301(h) missions like Sinai and certain 502(f) missions including Southwest Border and COVID-19.

This benefit can also be used for: certificate programs, co-op training, technical and vocational courses, flight training, apprenticeship/OJT, high-tech training. License or certification tests, entrance exams and correspondence courses.

The Service Member can transfer benefit to dependents (TEB) via DMDC milConnect. The Soldier must meet eligibility requirements to complete a TEB.

TEB can now be transferred to personnel that are Wards and Fosters. In order for a Ward/Foster Child to be eligible for TEB, they must have resided with the Service Member under a court order for at least 12 consecutive months.

The GA Hero Scholarship can pay up to $2,000 per year for 4 years for Soldiers with a combat deployment with the GA Guard following September 2001.

Payments go directly to the school via the student's account. This includes tuition, fees, and other costs. This benefit can combine with other state and federal funding sources.

This benefit is eligible for use at public colleges. Some private schools in the state also participate. This benefit must be used before separating from service if the Service Member is using the benefit for self. Dependent children are eligible for this scholarship once they are college aged. Dependent children each earn one year of the scholarship, for a maximum of 4 years for every six months that the Service Member was deployed. A spouse can only use this benefit if the Service Member is killed or diabled from combat.

University of North Georgia Military Scholarship Loan Program

The "Georgia Military Scholarship" or "North Georgia Scholarship" covers room and board, tuition, fees, uniforms, and books for up to 4 years at University of North Georgia (UNG). (Total $76,000).

Georgia Military College State Service Scholarship Loan Program

The "State Service Scholarship" or "GMC Scholarship" covers room and board, tuition, fees, uniforms, and books for up to 2 years at Georgia Military College. (Total $40,000).

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Who to contact

For questions related to Educational Benefits please contact the GAARNG G-1 Education Office

CPT Paul Dietzel, Educational Service Officer, 678-569-5307

Mr. Thomas Bolin, TA/CA Representative, 678-569-5067

Mr. Todd Brinkley, GI BILL Representative, 678-569-5311