HR Actions SOPs
Senior Enlisted Leadership Policy

Guidance for the Georgia Army National Guard (GAARNG) Senior Enlisted Leadership Boards. The two board processes covered in this SOP are the Leadership Board and the Senior NCO Assignment Board (SNAB).

State Boards

Guidance for Georgia Army National Guard (GAARNG) Human Resource Actions Branch State Boards process. The state boards conducted are the Career Management Board (CMB). The CMB produces an order of Merit List for CPTs and above who meet TIG by the end of the calendar year to be considered for promotion for their next higher grade. The State Selective Retention Board (SRB) is used to identify Officers who have more than 20 years of qualifying service for non-regular retired pay validated by the receipt of a "20-year letter". The Field Grade Assignment Committee (FGAC) Process is an assignment and promotion selection board for field grade Officer positions. The Senior Service College Board is conducted using the guidance given from NGB's annual announcement memo. The Enlisted Qualitative Retention Board (QRB) is used to identify enlisted Soldiers who have more than 20 years of qualifying service for non-regular retired pay validated by the receipt of a "20-year letter".

HR Services SOPs
Verification of PostSecondary Education

Promotions and duty assignments are based in part on Soldiers' educational levels to determine if they are prepared for the next level of responsibility. The intent of this SOP is to ensure educational records are properly submitted, verified, and certified. This allows the transcript to be properly recorded as an official transcript, once it is transmitted to iPERMS.

Using Army Tuition Assistance (TA) (GoArmyEd)

For Eligible Army National Guard Soldiers attending an accredited post-secondary institution who wish to request Army TA funds to pay for one or more courses.

Determining Eligibility for Montgomery GI Bill - Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR) (Chapter 1606)

The Montgomery GI Bill - Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR) (Chapter 1606) is an educational program that provides up to 36 months of education benefit to members of the Selected Reserve. This SOP does not refer to other chapters (1607, 30, 33) of the GI Bill.

Request Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) Incentive and Make Annual Payments

Any Soldier or applicant who has prior Federally-guaranteed student loans and is eligible for this incentive.

M-Day Non-Regular Retirement SOP

Prescribes NGB and Georgia Army National Guard (GA ARNG) procedures governing the appointment,assignment, and management of Officers and Warrant Officers of the AARNG. Provides eligibility requirements, administrative procedures, applications processing, and other related Officers personnel actions to include Branch and MOS changes requirements, promotion, civilian, and federal recognition.

Procedures for Enlisted and Officer (M-Day) Conditional Release

Procedural guidance on Request for Conditional Release

Procedures for Enlisted & Officer Discharges, Separations, and DD Form 214/215/220

Guidance of the various Georgia Army National Guard (GAARNG) transitions processes. These instructions are intended to provide a reference for all transitions actions.

Retirement Points Accounting Management (RPAM)

Guidance for units/Soldiers to update and/or correct their Retirement Points History Statement (NGB Form 23)

Additional Transition Files

Requesting Archived Records for former members of the GAARNG

Guidance for requesting personnel and medical records for former member of GAARNG.

HR Medical SOPs
Electronic Case Management (ECASE)

The Electronic Case Management (eCase) module is used to open, track, and determine the disposition of medical cases for Army National Guard (ARNG) Soldiers. The eCase module provides an automated case-management workflow and taskmanagement system that provides an integrated view of all related data that is obtained from other medical management systems.

Line of Duty (LOD)

A Line of Duty (LOD) Investigation is required for any injury, illness or disease that is a result of, or was aggravated by military activities while in an authorized duty status.

Defense Health Agency-Great Lakes (DHS-GL)

The Defense Health Agency-Great Lakes (DHA-GL), formerly known as Military Medical Support Office (MMSO), is responsible for the authorization of civilian health care for Georgia Army National Guard Soldiers who are not in the 50 mile catchment area of a Military Treatment Facility (MTF) or, as determined by DHA-GL, based on the Home of Record (HOR) listed in the Standard Installation/Division Personnel Reporting System (SIDPERS) or the Integrated Personnel and Pay System - Army (IPPS-A). Medical eligibility documents are used to document, establish, manage, and authorize civilian health care for eligible Reservist and National Guard members who incur or aggravate an injury, illness or disease in the line of duty.

Incapacitation (INCAP) Pay

The Incapacitation (INCAP) System is to compensate, to the extent permitted by law, members of the Reserve Components (RC) who are unable to perform military duties and/or who demonstrate a loss in civilian earned income as a result of an injury, illness, or disease incurred or aggravated in the line of duty and to provide the required medical and dental care associated with the incapacitation.

Reserve Component Managed Care Mobilization-Training (RCMS-MT)

Reserve Component Managed Care Mobilization/Training (RCMC M/T) is designed to increase unit readiness by providing an avenue for Soldiers with a service-connected illness, injury, or disease to receive medical treatment and follow-up care so they can return to a fit-for-duty status, or if required, reach a Medical Retention Determination Point (MRDP). RCMC M/T issues orders pursuant to Title 10 United States Code (USC), section 12301(h). Soldiers will be entitled to the same pay and medical benefits as provided for members of the Active Army.

Active Duty Medical Extension (ADME)

The Active Duty Medical Extension (ADME) program is designed to voluntarily place Reserve Component (RC) Soldiers on temporary active duty, to evaluate or treat verified service connected medical conditions or injuries. It is also designed to return Soldiers back to duty within his or her respective RC as soon as possible. If return to duty is not possible, the Soldier will be referred to the Army Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES).

Chapter 3 Retention Evaluation

The Chapter 3 Retention Evaluation is performed by the Deputy State Surgeon-Clinical (DSS-C). A Chapter 3 Retention Evaluation is necessary to evaluate whether a Soldier meets retention standards in accordance with (IAW) AR 40-501 Ch. 3. This evaluation can be either in person or by a review of medical documents, provided by the Soldier, by the DSS-C.

MOS Administrative Retention Review (MAR2)

MOS Administrative Retention Review (MAR2) is a Commander's tool to identify Soldiers in their unit who have permanent medical limitations (P3/P4 profiles) and request an administrative review to determine if the Soldier meets standards of his/her Area of Concentration (AOC) or Primary Military Occupational Specialty (PMOS). This is accomplished by an administrative review of the Soldier's permanent profile (DA Form 3349) against the AOC/PMOS standards outlined in Smartbook, DA PAM 611-21/AOC (see below link), and recommendations from the Soldier and his/her chain of command on the Soldier?s ability to perform in their AOC/PMOS in a deployed/field environment. MAR2 will enhance readiness by providing a process to monitor and maintain a quality force. This process will help to ensure that Soldiers are physically qualified and prepared to fulfill Army National Guard (ARNG) missions worldwide.

Medical Retention Determination Point (MRDP)

The Medical Retention Determination Point (MRDP) program is designed to process Georgia Army National Guard Soldiers who have reached their clinical MRDP for discharge or have been temporarily profiled for more than 365 days, meeting administrative MRDP in accordance with AR 40-501, Para 3-1.

Medical Evaluation Board (MEB)

Process Soldiers with a service connected injury, illness, or disease who have reached optimal medical care, but will not meet retention standards in accordance with AR 40-501.The Disability Evaluation System (DES) is the Department of Defense mechanism for determining fitness for duty, separation, or retirement of Service members because of disability in accordance with Chapter 61 of Title 10, United States Code.

Non-duty Related Physical Evaluation Board (NDR-PEB)

The Non-Duty Related Physical Evaluation Board (NDR-PEB) provides guidance for Georgia Army National Guard Soldiers who were not on active duty for more than 30 days, OR do not have an approved In Line of Duty (ILOD ) for a medical injury, illness, or disease that does not meet medical retention standards in accordance with AR 40-501, Chapter 3. These Soldiers are referred to the NDR-PEB solely for a fitness determination upon their request.

Behavioral Health Services

This Behavioral Health Services Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) provides Commanders, Units, Medical Providers, and the Behavioral Health (BH) office with a framework to ensure effective utilization of the BH Program capabilities, standards and policies so that they are clearly understood and disseminated throughout the Georgia Army National Guard (GAARNG). The BH Providers serve to support Soldiers by conducting BH evaluations and assessments, providing crisis intervention, and assisting in connecting to resources. Each Major Subordinate Command (MSC) has a designated Case Manager (CM) whose main role is to track and assist the Soldier through the BH process until they are return to duty (RTD) or, are separated from the GAARNG.

Soldier Recovery Unit

The Soldier Recovery Unit (SRU) is designed to voluntarily return Reserve Component (RC) Soldiers back to temporary active duty, to evaluate or treat verified service connected medical conditions or injuries.

Identification, Notification, Surveillance, and Administration of Soldiers infected with HIV

The purpose of this SOP is to provide standard information regarding the Identification, Notification, Surveillance, and Administration of Soldiers Infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

Seasonal Vaccination Guidance

The purpose of this SOP is to provide clear procedural guidance for the distribution, accountability, and documentation of seasonal vaccines.

Strength Management SOPs
Enlisted Extensions and Waivers

Procedural guidance for Extensions and waiver's.

Interstate Transfers in and out of the State

Procedural guidance for Enlisted Outbound and Inbound Interstate Transfer (IST) procedures.

4187 Sample Waiver

Procedural guidance for requesting an extension waiver.

HR Systems SOPs
HR Systems Branch SOP

This SOP provides policies and procedures for Georgia Army National Guard's (GAARNG) Soldiers utilizing Human Resources (HR) Systems.

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