Reduced Age Retirement

         Key Info

Who is eligible?

Officers or Enlisted Soldiers who serve on qualified active duty assignments on or after 28 January 2008 can draw their retirement pay earlier than age 60 but no lower than age 50 if they have qualifying periods of service.

How does it work?

For every 90 days of active service retirement age is reduced 3 months.

Qualifying Active Duty Orders are:

10 USC 12301(a), 12302, 12304, 12305, 12306, 12301(d)

In addition:

Fulltime National Guard when under a call to active service by Governor and authorized by the President or Secretary of Defense under 32 USC 502 (f) or 115

Supporting Documents

DD 214

Mobilization orders or active duty orders


DD 220

To get started:

Contact your unit or the GAARNG RPAM section at